Digital Imaging for Cinematographers, Post and Production.

Digital Onset has been at the forefront of moving-image technology in Scotland since it’s inception almost a decade ago.

We have been leading the way with every tapeless camera format and change in technology introduced– early adopters of the P2 format, the first Scottish company to use Red in early 2008, DSLR in 2009, Alexa in 2010 and so on to the present day.

Our speciality is working with producers and production companies through the constant changes in technology which allows us to build fantastic working relationships. We can guide and work with your project from the very start of pre-production all the way through to final post-production. We work closely with Cinematographers, Camera Crew and Post-Production Houses throughout Scotland giving us the confindence to say that we are the Digital Imaging company to look after your project.

We supply DIT’s, Data-Wranglers, Assistant Editors, Workflows, DIT equipment and whatever is needed to safely secure your project’s footage.