Who are we?

Digital Onset was formed by Grant McPhee and Iain Miller. Iain had been working as an assistant editor and Grant as a film camera assistant. Iain quickly adapted to the emerging digital workflows that had to be adopted with the introduction to the Panasonic P2 system. Grant was introduced to the Viper Filmstream camera after many years of working with 35mm film. This co-incided with what would have been the traditional ‘step-up the ladder’ to a Focus Puller. Instead, with the introduction of the Red One camera Grant decided to become a Digital Imaging Technician.

Unfortunately there were very few DITs in the UK, which meant there was nobody to answer any questions regarding this emerging technology so Grant had to provide the answers himself. As a result of this he was instilled with a pioneering attitude that has allowed him to remain at the forefront of new technological developments. Like-wise Iain would spend hours trying to discover the smoothest workflow possible -this was in the days where camera technology was leading post technology so solutions had to be handmade!

Iain and Grant quickly decided to group together as there was a need to share skills – with each other and productions. They wanted the digital revolution to be as simple as possible for productions so decided to form Digital Onset.

Iain would eventually leave Digital Onset to pursue his emerging Editing career and Grant carried on, eventually bringing on board a crack crew of DITs, Colourists, Assistant Editors and forging great links with Post Production Supervisors and companies.